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From expertise that has been developed throughout our 200 year history, Coats Technical Services are globally available to support your needs in Apparel, Footwear and Accessories. Whether you are looking for the perfect thread, zip or trim for a new development or you need assistance on the manufacturing floor with a new product, a Coats Technical Service expert is available to provide guidance.

Our Technical Service teams specialize in working in development and pre-production processes, problem solving on the shop floor, and information sharing through technical seminars and product presentations.

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Technical Advisory Team

Technical Advisory Service - Meet Our Experts

Our Technical Advisory Services Team collaborates with brand owners and manufacturers at every stage, from designing the sewn product to manufacturing and consumption. Our team is ready and waiting to deliver expert advice to help you get it right - every time.

Colour Technology Experts

Colour Technology Expert - Promo

Coats Colour Technology Experts offer a comprehensive suite of colour services to meet the most demanding requirements. Trusted by global brands as colour advisers for new colour trends.

Pre-production Collaboration

Coats PreCheck allows you to utilise our Technical Service teams during the development stage of your product. The Coats Technical Service expert will collaborate with your technicians and engineers to achieve the desired aesthetic or performance feature, while avoiding potential issues in production.

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Productivity Enhancement Solutions

Coats Productivity Enhancement Solutions services help you establish where investment in better quality threads will reduce overall sewing costs.

Our technical experts will visit your site to carry out detailed studies on sewing productivity. We then recommend the most optimum thread quality based on your labour costs. A pilot will also be carried out to prove to you how our recommendations will help reduce your cost of sewing and improve the quality of your end products.

We have carried out 900 studies with customers in over 30 countries, with most cases resulting in reduced sewing costs by using higher quality threads.

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