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Our sharply focused on site seminars aim to impart knowledge of thread and how the interplay between thread, machine, needle and the sewn medium can be used to deliver productivity, quality and sewn product durability. From understanding seam pucker to eliminating needle damage or getting to grips with tricky denim to sewing those very specialist items, Coats has a wealth of experience for you to draw from.

Training for all levels of employees

Features and benefits of this service

What do you get?

We have over 250 years of accumulated expertise that we can bring to bear in our seminars to help you improve your productivity and quality.

Interesting facts

Our on-site studies and seminars have helped scores of manufacturers across the world to generate sustainable and continuous improvements in their productivity and quality. From Pakistan to Peru and Chile to Cambodia, factories have extensively used our on-site seminars to improve the knowledge and skills of their employees.

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