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Sylko Metallic

Metallised polyester with nylon core yarn for a brilliant sheen

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Coats Sylko Metallic is a highly engineered composite thread for machine embroidery and decorative sewing. Its superior lustre and trouble-free operation makes Sylko Metallic a popular choice amongst the world's best embroiderers seeking outstanding performance and luxurious embellishment. Sylko Metallic can also be used in the top spreader of coverseams to give a pretty, decorative seam with a metallic or sparkle effect.

Main Uses

  • Embellishment for ladies evening wear
  • For badges, labels and logos
  • Activewear
  • Leather Wear
  • Outdoor Wear

Features & Benefits

  • High tenacity nylon core yarn gives strength during sewing and durability in the sewn product
  • A pure silver coating gives the brilliant sheen unique to precious metals
  • Undercoated metallic foil protects lustre during sewing and ensures a smooth finish
  • Stabilising layer of coating between the core yarn and the metallised foil prevents needle damage
  • A special lubrication process allows sewing at the highest speeds
  • A unique after-treatment prevents "pigtailing" of the thread during embroidery ensuring maximum productivity and minimal thread breakage
  • Family of gold, silver and coloured shades engineered to give the same sewing performance with no change to machine setting required
Coats Sylko Metallic - Metallic multifilament polyester embroidery
Sylko Metallic
Global Offer Tex No. Ticket No. (Nm) Length Average Strength Elongation % Recommended Needle Size
      cN Min - Max Metric

Strength and elongation values shown are for all shades with the exception of antique silver (I9685) and antique gold (I8986).
Strength value for shades I9685 and I8986 is 390cN, elongation is 10 - 12%

27 120 3,000m 590 50 - 60 75 - 90