Coats Industrial



As the world’s largest provider of industrial sewing threads, we offer a comprehensive range of sewing threads in a wide range of ticket / tex sizes for use in jeans and denim apparel manufacture. Our Opti range of zip fasteners complements our threads for denim and jeans wear.

Our main brands

Epic Rugged Coats Epic Rugged industrial threads

High-tech polyester corespun thread for denim

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Dual Duty Supercotton Coats Dual Duty Supercotton industrial threads

Premium quality corespun sewing thread for use in the manufacture of post dyed cotton garments

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Epic Multicolour Coats Epic Multicolour industrial  threads

Corespun thread that has been space dyed for multi-colour stitching, ideal for denim wear

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Dual Duty Coats Dual Duty industrial threads

Polyester corespun with cotton wrap for durability

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